Musharooom: where ideas sprout.  This is a site for creativity, inspiration, and self-expression.  Inspired by a dream, musharooom began as a journey to dig up my roots and explore the family tree and has evolved to include reflections on writing, food, culture, and happiness amongst other topics.

I come from a large Dominican family, with 12 aunts and uncles, over 30 cousins, countless second cousins, and I married into a large, close-knit Ecuadorian family. There is much to uncover from the stories of agricultural life in the beautiful countryside of the Dominican Republic to the stories of migration and building a life from the ground up in the United States.  The family also abounds with personalities – my grandmother Amalia being one of them – nonstop and full of boundless energy at 82.  She is the best storyteller in the family and is a poet in her own right.

When I create I think about the girls, my distant cousins, who live up on the hillside of La Galeta in my grandparents old home.  While many people have moved beyond this place to new experiences, the situation remains the same for the girls.  Their space is in a state of suspension: roads unpaved; water must be trucked in; light outages happen often; and the quality of education is lacking.  They continue to face this absence of opportunity with dreams of leaving, but they are amongst a few left to fill the hills with experiences and to carry on the oral traditions.

Reflecting on their lives inspires me to write.

My Background: I am a writer, journalist, and communications professional. I also teach yoga. I began my career working for women’s rights organizations and eventually moved on to working on global issues at international development agencies.  I’ve spent over a decade empowering girls, young women, teens and adults to make a difference in the world.

To learn more about my professional background, visit: http://adrianarambay.com/.

As a non-profit professional I have served on senior management teams in the role of director of programs; trained youth in leadership development, politics, and global issues, and launched web sites for the Center for American Women and Politics, Girls Inc., and NetAid.  I specialized in the issue of access to education as the lead for NetAid’s efforts for the Global Campaign for Education.  At Mercy Corps, I served on the team charged with the development of the Action Centers.  I also appeared in a Vonage ad that aired worldwide.

Jersey City Colgate Clock and NY Skyline

More About Me: My husband of twelve years (partner of 17 yrs) and I live in Jersey City.  Filled with little cafes, restaurants, parks and art galleries; Jersey City offers a place of artistic refuge just 10 minutes away from the big city.


Puddy, old blogging buddy and boss

I meditate, study and teach yoga as a registered teacher, and aspire to be a vegetarian.  I’ve written about the reactions I get within the family to my goals of going green.  I love all forms of self-expression.  I paint, dance, draw, work with mixed media, and photos.

I value meaningful words and actions and hope that the blog stays true to this purpose!

Contact: If you’d like to contact me directly, email: adriana  @  musharooom.com.

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